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Owner’s Representative

Capital planning and building commercial spaces is a time-consuming and complicated process for business owners and facility managers. An owner’s representative service allows Freedom Construction and Consulting to act as a liaison for you so you can focus on managing your business, knowing your interests are being represented throughout the entire construction project. . As the owner’s representative, we operate as part of the project team,  acting on your behalf and communicating your vision, priorities, and needs at every step of the building process, from initial design blueprints to site selection, permitting, and construction. We help gather information and drive decision-making to match your long-term goals, personal vision, timeline, and budget. Curious about the specific benefits of hiring an owner’s representative? Take a look at our owner’s representative blog posts to get a feel for how Freedom Construction and Consulting can help free up your time and ensure your project is delivered on schedule and within budget. Contact us here for more information.

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