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How Our Transferable Skills Set Us Apart as General Contractors

by | Jul 29, 2022

Looking for a general contractor? Consider a construction manager instead!

While there are overlapping duties and responsibilities between a general contractor (GC) and a construction manager (CM), they are not the same. Among their many differences, the most notable is their level of involvement in construction projects. While GCs are only active during the construction phase, CMs fully immerse themselves in projects, remaining in-the-know from start to finish. As a result of this extensive involvement, CMs have a more comprehensive understanding of construction projects. Couple that with their extensive construction expertise and it becomes abundantly clear that trusting a construction manager with your general contracting needs is extremely advantageous.

At Freedom Construction and Consulting, we take pride in bringing exceptional commercial construction services with a people-first touch to the West Michigan area. When hired as general contractors, our construction management team brings a particular set of skills that help secure project success. Here are a few.

Industry Knowledge

As a result of our extensive project involvement, we have a more comprehensive understanding of construction projects than the typical GCs. This broader view emerges as valuable knowledge in regards to managing timelines and controlling project costs. It enables us to set more realistic budget and timeline expectations, keeping the project as transparent as possible for a smoother process.


At the backbone of our commercial construction services is clear, transparent communication with a relationship-focused approach. With a firm commitment to getting to know stakeholders personally, we place high value on effective, personalized communication. We use our strong communication skills to build a solid working relationship with everyone on the job site and to ensure the entire construction team understands the project’s scope, expectations, timeline and any changes to the plan that arise. 

Risk Management

We plan in support of execution to ensure project success. After gaining a thorough understanding of a project, we identify factors that may affect the safety, timeline, budget or other aspects of the proposed plan. We then develop contingency plans to account for these risks. Led by the belief that there’s a solution for every problem, we greet unforeseen circumstances with agility and ingenuity, one or our core values. We are able to adapt quickly, spanning beyond conventional thinking to find resourceful and practical ways to get the job done.


At FCC, honesty and transparency are at the forefront of everything we do. In every situation, particularly difficult ones, we never veer from doing what is fair and just, even if that’s not the easiest or most convenient route. Dedicated to building with integrity, we consciously choose to only partner with trade and specialty contractors who share our company’s core values. Our team members have the privilege and the responsibility of leading from every position to serve and foster growth in others, building a culture of safety, trust and transparency.

We Treat Everyone With Integrity

We are just as committed to ensuring the safety, efficiency and success of your commercial construction project, as we are to treating all involved in the construction process with integrity. It’s a lifelong commitment that we refuse to compromise.

Connect with us today to take advantage of our construction management team’s general contracting service.

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