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Private Commercial Design and Build Trends

by | Mar 31, 2022

One of the most exciting moments in a small business owner’s journey is purchasing your very own private commercial space. Whether building a brand-new office, designing a private commercial storefront from the ground up, or remodeling to better meet customer needs, your private commercial building project should perfectly represent your brand while seamlessly integrating function and aesthetic. Ensure your building project encompasses everything a small business commercial space needs by exploring the latest private commercial design and build trends. 

A Taste of Home

One of the biggest design trends to hit the private commercial market is creating a “home away from home,” for both customers and employees. Venturing into public after socially distancing can cause anxiety and stress, two things every business owner wants to avoid in a commercial space. Relax customer apprehension and improve employee productivity by providing gentle reminders of home throughout your private commercial space.

  • Welcoming Entrance – Invite customers in with large, easy-to-open doors, clear signage, and warm, soft lighting. 
  • Dedicated Leisure – Provide employees and clients with places to relax with outdoor break areas, communal eating spaces, and open, well-lit meeting rooms.
  • Home-Like Zones – Give your customers a taste of home with comfortable waiting areas, easy-to-see checkout and service desks, and natural, easy flow from zone to zone.
  • Fun and Function – Capture function and a home-like aesthetic by using natural building materials, warm color palettes, and local art installations.
  • Personalized Finishes – Appease every personality with cozy, informal seating, soft furnishings, and brand-specific accessories.

Repurposed, Renewed, and Eco-Friendly

Sustainable building has topped the list of the most popular private commercial building trends for multiple years in a row. Small business owners are capitalizing on consumer demands for eco-friendly experiences by investing in energy efficiency and innovative building techniques. Dig into creative private commercial design trends by implementing a few sustainable building techniques throughout your building project. 

  • Energy Efficiency – Keep your utility costs low with solar rooftop panels, smart thermostats, and lighting with sensors and timers. 
  • Passive Solar Design – Harness the power of the sun with south-facing windows, strategic awnings, and solar shades.
  • Bring the Outdoors In – Invite nature into your commercial space with indoor plant containers, natural light, living walls, and ambient water features. 
  • Sustainable Technology – Move away from waste by investing in paperless checkout, smartphone menus, and customer composting areas. 
  • Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle – Take a page from the past by utilizing thrifted furnishings and recycled wood and metal finishes.

Safe and Secure

The most important element of your small business private commercial space is the safety and well-being of every person who enters your doors. Now more than ever, customers and employees are looking for secure places to shop, work, and unwind. Protect your investment and the people who support your business by building well-designed safety features into your private commercial space. 

  • Protection – Keep danger at bay with fire alarms and sprinkler systems, natural disaster protection features like beams and foundation considerations, crash-rated exterior planters, fire escapes, and multiple exits.
  • Prevention – Avoid illness and injury with contactless checkout, curbside pickup, sanitation stations, touchless restrooms, slip-resistant materials, and well-lit production and mechanical rooms.
  • Risk Reduction – Prevent the unexpected by investing in security technology, 24/7 mobile telecommunication options, and digital control centers.

Designing the perfect private commercial space for your small business doesn’t need to be a costly exercise. Freedom Construction and Consulting can help guide you through the design process and find ways to implement a few strategic commercial building trends that help employees and customers feel more comfortable while you stick to a budget and project deadline. Contact us here to learn more about our commercial contracting services and discover how we lead through integrity, ingenuity, and relationships to deliver your private commercial project with excellence and efficiency.

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