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Project Spotlight: City2Shore Foundations

by | Aug 30, 2022

At Freedom Construction and Consulting, we take pride in our work and it shows. From our construction management service to general contracting, we consistently deliver excellent results with all of our construction projects. It’s the type of excellence you have to see to believe. So, let’s start with one of our latest success stories: an office remodel for City2Shore Foundations.

City2Shore Foundations is a thriving West Michigan real estate agency that started to outgrow its space. We performed an office buildout, which included dividing larger areas to create more private offices. Some of the work included: demolition, new doorway entrance installations, wall installation, batt insulation for sound deadening, drywall, painting, rework of ceiling grids, and baseboard trim installation. “Completing an office buildout requires high attention to detail and collaboration with the client in order to fully understand the vision of the project,” said owner and CEO, Carrie Wilson. “Many people spend as much time at work as they do at home, and it’s critical that we build a space that meets and facilitates the needs of the client and employees. We aim to exceed these expectations with every project, and the City2Shore Foundations project was no different.” 

Before Renovation

During Renovation

After Renovation

To have company values is one thing. Firmly standing behind them is another. At FCC, we live by our company’s values and have infused them into our service. So, when you hire us for your office remodel, buildout or other commercial construction projects, what you’re getting is a team that builds with …


We choose to do what’s right with every single decision we make. When faced with difficult decisions, the easy way out is a route you’ll never see our team members take. From project scope to deadlines to recommendations, we are always honest and transparent.


There is no such thing as an unsolvable problem—at least not when it comes to projects in which we’re contracted. Meeting adversity with agility and tenacity, we are unafraid to go beyond conventional thinking to get the job done.


The interest we take in a project, the amount we care about our clients and getting the job done—it’s all authentic. We have and forever will provide the people-first service you deserve.


We care about the people involved in the project as much as we care about the project itself. From the client and investors to other contractors on the job, we invest our energy into building relationships. We work hard to earn trust and work even harder to never lose it.


We hire leaders. These are the people who think and act strategically. They ask invaluable questions and, without fail, remove any barriers standing in the way of a project’s success. In addition to leadership skills, we look for a leader who has the ability to follow—as in consider recommendations, suggestions, advice or guidance from others.

Trust Your Office Remodel or Buildout to FCC

Considering an office remodel or buildout? Reach out to us online or call 269-650-6010 today to discuss how Freedom Construction and Consulting can bring your project to fruition.

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