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Service Highlight Series: Construction Management

by | May 10, 2022

From budgets and bids to contracts and subcontractors, the commercial construction world is a complex place. Small business owners looking to build or renovate their commercial space often find themselves in uncharted waters throughout this complicated and often confusing process. 

This is where construction management services can help. One of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, construction management alleviates stress, protects against unexpected costs, and avoids delays by placing experienced, highly-educated commercial construction professionals at the head of the project team. Construction management services streamline the building process and lead to nearly 85% of construction management-led commercial build projects coming in under budget and ahead of schedule. 

What is Construction Management?

A construction manager is responsible for overseeing every aspect of your commercial building project. They execute a wide variety of construction tasks on a daily basis, including balancing crews against workloads, creating weather mitigation plans (a must in our West Michigan climate), and ensuring everyone on site is following safety protocols. Construction managers handle:

  • Project management planning
  • Compliance and quality through every step of the build
  • Costs and budget management
  • Implementing, tracking, and safeguarding deadlines

Worried about your liability as a small business owner with a busy, in-progress construction site? Construction management services protect your physical site, contractors, and company by establishing relationships based on trust and enforced safety compliance. Construction managers handle all contracts and communication for you, so you can focus on the exciting parts of your build with insight, clarity, and peace of mind. 

Construction Management Not-At-Risk VS At Risk

Construction management is typically broken down into two types of management delivery structures: Construction Management Not-At-Risk/Agency and Construction Management At-Risk/General Contractor. Understanding the difference between these two types of construction management modalities ensures you make the right choice for your unique commercial build project. 

Construction Management Not-At-Risk

In a Construction Management Not-At-Risk/Agency service delivery system, the construction management company does not hold trade contracts or financial risk for the project. This type of construction management allows your construction manager to function as a dedicated client representative, managing the project, but not owning the financial and performance risk should the project fail to finish within budget or contracted timelines. While a Construction Management Not-At-Risk/Agency structure may not absorb financial liability for your commercial building project, it still maintains an expert eye on cost controls, safety adherence, scheduling management, and all other construction management responsibilities. 

Construction Management At-Risk/General Contractor

With Construction Management At-Risk/General Contractor (CM/GC), on the other hand, the CM/GC manages the project and also absorbs the financial/performance liability of your commercial build project. This form of construction management contractually obligates your construction manager to organize, manage, and deliver your project within budget and on a specified timeline. The construction management company is financially responsible if your project is not delivered within contracted allowances. They function as a construction manager and general contractor and hold all trade contracts throughout the duration of your project.

Construction management saves small business owners time, money, and stress by removing the painstaking responsibility of daily commercial build project management. Freedom Construction and Consulting proudly offers both at-risk and not-at-risk construction management services to suit a variety of commercial build projects throughout West Michigan. Are you ready to experience relationship-focused and people-first construction management throughout your next commercial construction project? Connect with Freedom Construction and Consulting here to learn more about our construction management process and exceptional project results.

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