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Service Highlight Series: Design and Build

by | Jun 7, 2022

Looking for a simpler, faster approach to your small business commercial building project? Design and build services may be the perfect fit for you. At Freedom Construction and Consulting, our design and build services streamline the build process and fast-track project delivery so your small business can start reaping financial rewards from your commercial build investment quicker. Save yourself the headache of negotiating multiple contracts, services, and project components by exploring design and build services for your commercial renovation, expansion, or ground-up commercial construction project.

How Are Design and Build Services Unique?

Design and build services allow project owners to centralize each element of the building project under one, unified contract. Instead of negotiating separate contracts for architects, designers, construction managers, and trade services, design and build services collect all stakeholders and professional services under the same accountability umbrella. This provides project owners with a multitude of benefits, including:

Single-Source Accountability

A design and build method of commercial construction combines all branches of business under one contract; each distinct arm of business is legally bound to the other, making accountability easy to track, manage, and enforce. One entity is responsible for cost management, scheduling, and adherence to contract performance and results, making communication and problem-solving more efficient and collaborative.   

Save Time

In a design and build construction model, the architect and designer work closely with construction managers and general contractors. The project is consequently developed collaboratively in stages, as opposed to each separate party (designer and/or architect) passing fully-completed plans on to the next party (builders and trade contractors). Such cooperation allows builders to start construction much sooner than with a traditional design-bid-build construction model and also gives builders the opportunity to ask questions, provide insight, and offer feedback during the design process. A quicker start saves time and clear communication between project entities leads to speedier project delivery with fewer mistakes and less re-work. 

Save Money

Design and build services consistently provide better cost outcomes for project owners in terms of both potential cost growth and overall cost performance throughout the duration of the project. This is in large part because of the amount of time every entity organically saves when working under a collaborative design and build contract. A design and build model also, however, incentivizes strategic problem-solving techniques and fosters a team-centered environment. This leads to more robust and innovative communication throughout the construction project and net savings due to streamlined goal setting and progress tracking.     

Why Hire Freedom Construction and Consulting for Your Design and Build Project?

Freedom Construction and Consulting proudly provides design and build services for small business owners in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area. The design and build service model aligns perfectly with our core values and capitalizes on our people-first leadership and relationship-based priorities. Freedom’s connectivity to our community allows us to create design and build contracts centered around shared integrity and ingenuity from start to completion. We partner with local experts to stay up-to-date on the latest commercial design trends and we create design and build teams that deliver exceptional results within budget and on time.

Are you ready to jump-start your small business commercial construction project? Connect with Freedom Construction and Consulting here to learn how our design and build services can save you time and money. We’ll collaborate, strategize, and organize on your behalf to ensure your commercial construction goals are realized and your ideal commercial space is built with professionalism and expertise. Experience the woman-owned and family-operated difference by contacting Freedom Construction and Consulting today.     

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