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Service Highlight Series: General Contracting

by | May 24, 2022

Are you looking to renovate, expand, or build a new private commercial space, but feel intimidated by the scope of work involved? Commercial construction requires a distinctive set of skills, including budget consciousness and consideration, timeline management, and the ability to organize large groups of trade professionals with potentially competing priorities. Don’t start your project off on the wrong foot by diving into a private commercial construction project on your own. Partner with a well-aligned general contractor who has the experience, team-centered attitude, and skills needed to deliver your project on time and within budget.    

What is Private Commercial General Contracting?

General contracting in the private commercial construction sector involves managing the entire building project, including trade professionals, contracts, timelines, and budgets. Small business owners start by working with a designer, engineer, and/or architect to draft building code-aligned blueprints. Once the building plans and specifications are in place, the small business owner then requests bids from local general contractors. Each bid requires careful consideration; project owners need to be sure the proposed general contracting services align with general contracting best practices and project goals.

Once the general contracting company is chosen, project work begins. General contractors start by familiarizing themselves with the project’s specific needs, timeline, and budget. Depending on the project scope, general contracting services include efficiency and quality recommendations, securing building permits, scheduling inspections, procuring supplies, and hiring subcontractors. 

Why Hire a General Contractor?

Time and Money Savings

General contracting services protect small business owners from costly and time-consuming mistakes. An experienced general contractor handles supply deliveries, product substitutions when unexpected delays arise, and cost comparison that helps save money. They negotiate labor, manage subcontractors, ensure adherence to all safety standards, and build strong professional networks to ensure all partners align with both the general contractor and small business owner’s values and priorities. Investing in general contracting services allows small business owners to enjoy the benefits of experienced project management by someone with the local relationships and knowledge to deliver exceptional results with professionalism. 

Focus, Safety, and Security

Small business owners don’t have the privilege of stopping business simply because a private commercial construction project begins. General contractors provide infinite peace of mind, especially in the small business arena. They take hundreds of to-do items off the project owner’s list and allow small business clients to stay focused on the core of their day-to-day business instead of what’s happening on the job site. Experienced and responsible general contracting companies are licensed and insured, providing small business owners with the safety and security they need to feel confident throughout their commercial construction project. General contractors also absorb the risk involved with building projects by holding all trade contracts and contractual responsibility for the performance of the work.

Business-Focused Partnership

General contractors are experts in their field; most prioritize continuing education, network with like-minded professionals, and consistently seek new ways to meet their client’s needs. They understand a private commercial space is an extension of a business’s brand. General contracting services seek to represent that brand in the best way possible by organizing the needs and priorities of the project owner, customer base, and on-site contractors. Under the direct supervision of a general contractor, all project components function efficiently and effectively, delivering results that please customers, shareholders, and a business’s bottom line. 

As one of West Michigan’s only female-owned and family-operated construction companies, Freedom Construction and Consulting organically understands the unique challenges facing today’s small business property owners. We offer general contracting services with a dedicated people-first focus, ensuring our approach fits every project, budget, and timeline. Learn more about our general contracting services by exploring our general contracting service page or connecting with us here for more information. 

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