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Service Highlight Series: Owner’s Representative

by | Jun 21, 2022

Do the time-consuming tasks and in-person requirements of a commercial construction project prevent you from taking the leap into building or renovating your West Michigan commercial space? Freedom Construction and Consulting’s owner’s representative services may be the perfect fit for you. An owner’s representative is a specialized construction professional who possesses the experience and skills needed to stand in for project owners and maintain adherence to owner priorities across the work site. Owner’s representative services provide project owners with expert advice, consistent communication, and on-site professional problem-solving skills that allow owners to step away from the work site with ease and confidence.  

How Do Owner’s Representatives Work?

Owner’s representatives serve as liaisons between commercial construction project owners and all construction project constituents, including designers, architects, inspectors, construction crew members, and trade contractors. An owner’s representative is on-site handling the day-to-day operations, management, and resolution efforts throughout the duration of a commercial build project. They protect the interests of the project owner and ensure all facets of the project operate according to plan.  

Cost Management

Owner’s representatives are in charge of gathering, organizing, and presenting estimates and bids during the planning phase of a commercial construction project. They consolidate costs, assist with budgets, and distribute payments on the project owner’s behalf. As commercial construction experts, owner’s representatives are well-versed in negotiations and industry cost-saving opportunities.  

Timeline Management

An owner’s representative ensures all timelines are met or swiftly resolved when unexpected delays occur. They’re in charge of supply chain shortage strategies, hiring, contracting, and staffing resolutions, on-site problem solving, and delay mitigation. Experienced owner’s representatives maintain a strict set of standards to ensure timelines are met and work is completed according to contracted itineraries. 

Quality Assurance

One of the greatest benefits of working with an experienced owner’s representative is instant access to expert knowledge and industry-specific perspective. Owner’s representatives provide invaluable advice, insight into potential pitfalls or high points, and strong working relationships built on trust and a collaborative attitude. They maintain a high level of excellence that results in quality workmanship and exceptional project success rates. In fact, the quality assurance provided by owner’s representative services is so high, some states legally require project owners to invest in owner’s representative services for high-dollar public projects. Their participation results in better project success rates, on-site job satisfaction, and overall project goal achievement.  

Connection and Communication

Owner’s representatives allow project owners to manage their commercial construction build from anywhere in the world. As expert communicators, owner’s representatives build their reputations on quality interactions and outstanding communication skills. Owners are granted immediate, transparent access to their job site status with a simple phone or video call and can expect proactive, consistent project summaries, updates, and setback notifications.

Interest, Asset, and Priority Protection

The best way to protect a project owner’s priorities, goals, budget, and time is by investing in owner’s representative services. Owner’s representatives ensure all other elements of the commercial construction project are functioning as part of a single, unified team. Instead of prioritizing the needs of electricians, for example, an owner’s representative collaborates with electricians, drywall crews, and designers to ensure the project owner’s unique vision and financial priorities are captured and maintained throughout the building project. They protect the budget from unexpected costs through strategic problem resolution and ensure all involved parties adhere to timelines and overall project goals. 

Why Invest in Owner’s Representative Services?

Owner’s representatives are unbiased, impartial members of a commercial construction project. They offer advice without conflicting interests and serve owners only, providing unwavering confidence that owner priorities are top of mind for every professional working both on-site and behind the scenes. Owner’s representatives mitigate risks and conflicts, save time and money through expert partnerships with industry professionals, and deliver expert perspectives to drive the project in the right direction.

Are you seeking a professional, people-first owner’s representative for your next West Michigan commercial construction project? Freedom Construction and Consulting offers owner’s representative services rooted in our five core values and can expertly represent you and your priorities from project conception to delivery. Contact us here to learn more about our owner’s representative services and discover more about Freedom Construction and Consulting’s unique culture of integrity, collaboration, and excellence.  

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