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Commercial Building Contractor Service Offerings

Freedom Construction is a full-service commercial building contractor company specializing in construction management and inclusive, relationship-focused customer service. We offer a wide range of flexible commercial building services, from pre-construction planning and general contractor services to construction management and owner’s representation.

We put people first and follow up with transparent processes, uncommon attention to detail, and proactive and responsive communication throughout the entire project and beyond. In an industry infamous for poor communication, cost overruns, and missed deadlines, we are committed to flipping this narrative as a commercial building contractor that is passionate about people-first service.

Construction Management

Freedom Construction joins the client and design team from the very beginning to help define goals, budget and the project plan. From there, we offer two types of Construction Management (CM): CM/at-Risk (CMAR) and CM/Agency.  

  • Construction Management at Risk: With CMAR, Freedom Construction offers single-point accountability, holding all trade contracts and ensuring high-quality work is completed on time and within budget.    
  • Construction Management/Agency: With this model, the agency CM does not contract with subcontractors and is exclusively responsible to the owner, acting in the owner’s interest to manage the project from planning to completion.

General Contracting

With this traditional design/bid/build approach, Freedom Construction takes the reins post-design, managing budget, holding all trade contracts, overseeing subcontractors, and self-performing work where possible to simplify the process and reduce costs. With a people-first focus, we work in partnership with the entire project team to deliver a successful project using best-in-class technology and efficient, transparent processes.

Owner’s Representative

As Owner’s Representatives, Freedom Construction provides the insight and contractor expertise our clients need to manage their commercial building projects from anywhere in the world. We function as the day-to-day contact for both clients and project teams and swiftly pivot our approach to match the conditions, personalities, and project needs of all involved.

Owner's Representative | Freedom Construction


At Freedom Construction, we understand that there are different needs for different projects, and demolition needs vary. Whether you require total building demolition, selective interior work, or commercial-scale projects, our demolition services are comprehensive in scope — we’ll take the first brick down and haul the last brick out.

Commercial Excavation Services

We understand the unique demands that come with large-scale, multi-vendor, big-budget projects. That means our team is equipped to handle site preparation for new buildings, underground utility work, material movement (in and out) on a grand scale, and multi-stage land development. Our team works closely with you every step of the way.

Owner's Representative | Freedom Construction

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