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Freedom Construction and Consulting’s Construction Management services provide leadership, direction, and detailed project management from design concept to delivery. We partner with our clients at the earliest possible stages of project design to offer timeline and scheduling expertise, budgeting assistance, and negotiation support. Our construction management experience allows us to expertly guide our clients throughout the duration of their build projects and aid with a vast variety of construction management responsibilities, including:

  • Cost control
  • Contract bids and negotiations
  • Scheduling and timeline management
  • Subcontractor management and site monitoring
  • Permitting and inspection 

Freedom Construction and Consulting offers two types of Construction Management models, dependent on project scope and the client’s preferred method for allocation of risk.

Pure Construction Management

Pure Construction Management, also known as Construction Management “Not-At-Risk” or Construction Management Agency, allows the client to hold all trade contracts. Under the Pure Construction Management model, Freedom Construction and Consulting:

  • Serves as a lead consultant or advisor on the project
  • Does not hold the trade contracts or contractual responsibility for work performance
  • Functions as the client’s representative, offering objective advice and ensuring the owner’s interests are represented throughout the entire project
  • Manages all contract negotiations, bidding, and cost control
  • Executes scheduling and timeline responsibilities

Construction Management/General Contractor

Construction Management/General Contractor, also known as Construction Management “At-Risk” or Construction Management as Constructor, allows Freedom Construction and Consulting to hold all trade contracts. Under the Construction Management/General Contractor model, Freedom Construction and Consulting:

  • Provides consulting, estimation, and general construction management services during the design phase
  • Holds the trade contracts and contractual responsibility for work performance
  • Serves as the General Contractor during the construction phase
  • Is financially responsible for delivering the project on time and within budget 

Under both Construction Management models, Freedom Construction and Consulting manages the building project and process from beginning to end. We treat every project as our own, delivering high-quality results through attention to detail and effective project management.

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