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Freedom Construction and Consulting’s Design and Build services grant our clients the unique ability to hire both their architect and builder under one unified contract. One of the fastest-growing commercial construction methods available in the United States, design and build services enhance collaboration and team-centered problem-solving by contractually linking all involved parties, including the architect, engineer, or designer, builder, and all specialty and trade contractors, so all changes are addressed as a team, as opposed to separate contracted service branches. Benefits of design and build services include:

  • Single-source responsibility for planning, design, and construction
  • One contract for clients to maintain
  • Time and cost savings due to streamlined, collaborative innovation
  • Unified project recommendations and solutions based on collective goals
  • Construction can begin before designs are finalized

Our design and build services allow Freedom Construction and Consulting to connect with our clients’ design teams in an enhanced, synergistic way to efficiently capture the vision and needs of everyone involved. We work closely with design teams through all stages of the building project to keep costs low and fast-track project delivery. Our clients’ priorities always come first and we capitalize on the power of teamwork to strategize scheduling and timelines, cost estimates, and problem-solving techniques. 

The design and build model is a simplified, efficient option for commercial project owners who seek single-source accountability for their entire build. This construction model allows project owners to minimize risks through a unified contract and reduce timelines through the strategic use of overlapping design and build phases of construction.

Are you seeking a consolidated approach to your West Michigan commercial building project? Reach out to Freedom Construction and Consulting here to learn how our design and build services are a perfect way to fast-track your project from design to delivery.

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