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Freedom Construction and Consulting’s General Contracting services bring guidance and collaborative partnerships on-site for the duration of our clients’ build projects. When hired as General Contractors, we join our clients after they’ve completed the initial design process with their architect, designer, or engineer and have a finalized design in place. Freedom Construction and Consulting’s unique people-first value system grants us the honor of successfully managing a number of on-site general contracting tasks and responsibilities, including:

  • Management and ownership of all trade contracts
  • Contractual responsibility for work performance
  • Scheduling and timeline management
  • Cost control and budget adherence 
  • Safety management and quality assurance

At Freedom Construction and Consulting, we place high value and heavy emphasis on communication and building strong working relationships with everyone on the job site. Through exceptional, empathy-driven customer service, we pride ourselves on having the general contracting expertise needed to make sure our clients’ vision and priorities are understood by every member of the project team. We intentionally partner with trade and specialty contractors who showcase proven reliability and alignment with Freedom Construction and Consulting’s core company values. Our dedication to excellence and leadership skills are highlighted at every turn and we work hard to deliver successful projects that exceed client expectations. 

Freedom Construction and Consulting capitalizes on best-in-class technology to aid our general contracting efforts and prioritize efficient, transparent processes to reduce costs and shorten timelines. We coordinate with local and national suppliers to find creative solutions ahead of potential supply chain pitfalls and work closely with the design team to craft innovative responses to any challenges our clients’ projects may face along the way. 

Interested in learning more about West Michigan-based Freedom Construction and Consulting’s commercial general contracting services? Connect with us here for more information.

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