Owner’s Representative

West Michigan Representation From Start To Finish

Freedom Construction’s Owner’s Representative services allow us to represent the client throughout the entire construction project. As Owner’s Representatives, we serve as a liaison between clients and all other project stakeholders, including architects, vendors, and contractors. We work as experienced partners focused on protecting our clients’ interests, needs, and priorities from project conception and design, to site selection, permitting, and construction. Benefits of utilizing Freedom Construction as an Owner’s Representative include:

  • Professional, dedicated enforcement of our client’s priorities, goals, and budget
  • Expert management of estimates, bids, costs, and payments to help save money
  • Experienced timeline management and delay solutions
  • Quality assurance through strong team management and relationship skills
  • Clients can stay tuned in to their project from anywhere in the world

Owner’s Representatives oversee the day-to-day management of build projects so our clients can rest easy knowing their priorities, time, and money are protected. We take our Owner’s Representative role very seriously and commit to providing our clients with the best possible service through our dedication to transparency and people-first building ethics. We capitalize on our multi-tiered experience to guide our clients through every element and phase of their build project, whether it’s determining the proper amount of time to allot to a specific phase of the build or coming up with strategic solutions to supply chain issues or potential conflicts. 

As Owner’s Representatives, Freedom Construction provides the insight and expertise our clients need to manage their projects from anywhere in the world. We function as the day-to-day contact for both clients and project teams and swiftly pivot our approach to match the conditions, personalities, and project needs of all involved.

To learn more about our relationship-focused customer service and Owner’s Representative services for your West Michigan commercial building project, connect with us here!

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