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What to Look for in a General Contractor

by | Mar 22, 2022

Trying to find the perfect West Michigan general contractor for your small business commercial remodel or building project? The search can be intimidating! The hunt for a general contractor often leaves small business owners feeling overwhelmed and unprepared, as they search for the perfect fit in terms of personality, timeliness, and budget. Ensure your money and time are protected by investing in a general contractor who puts your needs first and adheres to these general contractor best practices. 


The most important thing to look for when hiring a general contractor is how well they fit your working relationship needs. Your project is more than just studs and concrete; a well-aligned general contractor will see your project as an extension of their relationship with you. A good general contractor will work to build relationships and understand your needs fully, approaching your project with empathy and understanding. They prioritize your trust, values, and overall business goals and will put the well-being of your business at the center of their interactions. This dedication to relationships makes them great communicators; and they’re also expertly connected to their subcontractors and crew, which leads to consistency, efficiency, and higher quality project results. 


Is there anything more frustrating than reaching out to a general contractor for help, only to be ignored for days or weeks at a time? A good general contractor is present both in terms of response time and in-person interactions. A general contractor who speaks over you, doesn’t respond to your inquiries, and doesn’t listen to your ideas or concerns is also unlikely to communicate important updates or proactive problem-solving techniques. Your project deserves attention, timely responses, and prioritization. Don’t let last-minute excuses and missed calls derail your building project; invest in a general contractor who makes the time for you. 


A key component to finding your perfect general contractor is seeking out contractors who exemplify their commitment to professionalism through their documentation, words, and actions. Good, clear communication, attention to detail, and the ability to hold crucial conversations around budgets, planning, and unforeseen delays are crucial to managing your project with expertise. General contractor best practices include eliminating idleness at your worksite, ensuring crews and subcontractors align with professional standards in terms of work ethic and timeliness, and maintaining standards throughout the duration of your project. 


A general contractor may have great references, stunning project photos, and engaging social media posts, but it all amounts to nothing if their work isn’t completed with integrity. Transparency is vital during general contracting projects, especially in the small business commercial construction world. You deserve honest professional guidance, realistic timelines and budgets, and candid, upfront discussions when problems occur. Seek out a general contractor who values integrity and embodies transparency from your very first interaction. 


Creative problem solving is a major component of any construction project, and that couldn’t be more true in the small business commercial construction sector. A good general contractor employs innovative problem-solving skills and can quickly pivot their approach to counteract any negative effects from supply shortages, weather disasters, or other unforeseen barriers. Make sure your general contractor is well-organized, experienced in defining project scope, and capable of providing backup plans that fit with your timeline, budget, and resources. 

Trust is critical when remodeling or building your small business commercial space. Steer clear of general contractor disasters by aligning with a general contractor who understands and cares about your goals, wants to form a long-term working relationship with you, and cares about your welfare as much as their project contract.

Are you seeking a general contractor in the West Michigan area who specializes in providing the organization, professionalism, and integrity you need for your project? Connect with Freedom Construction to learn more about our values and how our general contracting services can make your next building project a great experience for you. Our unique ability to pull from our professional background and experiences allows us to form long-term partnerships with our clients so together we can launch, progress, and deliver your project with professionalism, ingenuity, and success.

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