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Why it Pays to Work With a Family-Owned Business

by | Apr 26, 2022

Hiring the perfect commercial construction company requires making tough decisions. Where’s the best place to begin the search? What are the most important qualities to look for? Should you work with large-name corporations or will you get a better result hiring family-owned businesses? How will your hiring decisions affect the overall success of your commercial build project? From gathering referrals and contact information to scanning online reviews and portfolios, commercial construction options can sometimes seem endless. 

This is where shopping local really pays off. Instead of basing your decisions on the opinions and perspectives of strangers on the internet, head to your nearest Chamber of Commerce, neighborhood small business association, or local social media groups. Hiring local, family-owned businesses allows you to skip the guesswork and ensure you’re investing in a business that not only seeks to serve your needs, but the needs of the communities in which you work and live. This leads to a more personalized commercial building experience and saves you time, energy, and money.

People-First Customer Service

Family-owned businesses genuinely care about the neighbors and businesses around them. Why? Because family-owned business owners live, work, and shop in the same communities, buildings, and stores you do. They want the same opportunities for their children, safety for their families, and happiness for their neighbors and friends. Family-owned businesses share an incredible amount of common ground with their customers and these commonalities incentivize individualized customer care and people-first customer service. When you hire family-owned, you won’t find corporate sales reps with limited local knowledge, like how construction timelines need to work around our West Michigan winters! Instead, you’ll partner with someone who’s invested in your business and automatically adjusts timelines based on their extensive local experience. This type of local expertise and understanding streamlines the building process and sets your project up for success. 

Long-Term Relationships

One of the best things about working with a family-owned business is creating long-term relationships built on trust. Family-owned businesses care about their local reputation – their clients are friends, family, and neighbors after all. Local businesses want to be valued members of their community and they work exceptionally hard to form strong working relationships with their clients. This benefits you in the long run; as time goes by and more projects are completed, you learn more about one another and secure a partnership that can serve your business for a lifetime. No more scrambling on Google when emergencies or conflicts arise. Your family-owned commercial construction partner is just a phone call away. Their intimate knowledge of your needs, project, and budget helps save time spent explaining your issue over and over to companies found in various Google results that may or may not know how to help you in a timely manner. Stick with family-owned businesses that care about their local reputation and work to familiarize themselves with your priorities and overall business goals. 

Family-Like Employee Relations

Family-owned businesses are some of the best places to work. With small, owner-led teams, an emphasis on healthy work-life balance, and a sincere dedication to long-term relationships, family-owned businesses prioritize their employee partnerships. This translates easily to how well each employee functions in their role. Happy employees are productive employees – almost 20% more productive, to be exact. This is why working with family-owned businesses saves you time and money – they prioritize team member well-being and create an environment in which every employee is truly happy and takes pride in providing the best service possible. 

Local Investment and Community Support

Supporting family-owned, local businesses with your money means you’re investing in the local economy as a whole. The family-owned business owner you partnered with for your small business commercial renovation project may take your funds and use them to feed her family at a local grocer or restaurant. Your investment may pay for new tires for company vehicles, provided by the local mechanic down the road. That mechanic will then purchase parts from a local parts store, delivered by part-time delivery drivers who also drive your school buses and mail trucks. When you invest in a local, family-owned business, you’re putting money back into your community in ways that strengthen the success and well-being of everyone around you.

Dedicated Experience and Integrity

Family-owned businesses make it their business to authentically understand your needs. They dedicate themselves to understanding every facet of your project and provide honest, transparent feedback with your end goals in mind. They have a story, mission, and passion for what they do and they take responsibility when complications present themselves. This commitment and enthusiasm for integrity opens the door for creative problem solving, budget-saving ingenuity, and relationship-focused collaboration with clients and teammates. 

Your time is valuable and your investment is important. Guarantee your value and importance are recognized by hiring a family-owned business to help bring your small business commercial construction goals to fruition. Freedom Construction and Consulting is a full-service construction company that offers a people-first approach and services rendered with integrity, ingenuity, empathy, leadership, and long-term relationships at the forefront of our interactions. Contact us here to learn more about our West Michigan construction services and how we can partner together to move your commercial construction goals forward. 

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