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Women-Owned Construction Businesses Matter

by | Sep 14, 2022

We’ve seen the construction industry evolve over the years, growing into a field where women are welcomed and supported. However, despite actively embracing gender diversity, construction still remains one of the most male-dominated industries in the world with females representing less than 10% of the construction workforce. In other words, out of the 10 million construction workers in the US, just over one million are women. 

Looking beyond the perspective of diversity inclusion, attracting and retaining more women in the construction workforce has major economical benefits with numerous studies coming to the same conclusion: Gender diversity is good for business with women continuously proving to positively impact collaboration and profits. Here’s one example. McKinsey & Co. found that companies in the top 25% of their workforce in gender diversity were 46% more likely to outperform their industry average.

Undeniably, a career in construction offers women hard-to-refuse benefits, such as higher income potential, leadership opportunities, and most notably, a stable career with room for growth. So why aren’t more women considering a career in construction? The lack of females in construction is attributed to multiple factors. They face challenges that range from tools and gear not being made with women in mind to larger issues such as recruitment bias and apprenticeship programs and universities falling short in encouraging women to enter the construction field.

At Freedom Construction and Consulting, we take pride in being a woman-owned construction company in West Michigan. Having experienced the tremendous advantages of gender diversity firsthand, we are advocates for women in the construction industry. 

While everyone is different and has their own strengths, there are some common skills women possess that prove to be invaluable in the construction field. Here are two examples of what women bring to the construction industry

A Different Perspective

Being able to consider a different perspective is advantageous in the construction industry. It allows one to visualize buildings as spaces, broadening the focus beyond function. Being able to see a building as not just a structure, but rather a place where people will work, socialize, and/or live helps shape it into a place people want to be. The outcome is a space better suited to the end user’s needs.


Construction is a team effort and every team needs a strong communicator. This is another area where women tend to excel. Being able to effectively communicate helps facilitate group discussions to find the best way forward and foster collaboration. It also goes hand-in-hand with building strong business relationships, which is quintessential for a successful construction company.

Conclusion: Women Are Advancing With the Construction Industry

For the second time in history, women outnumbered men in the U.S. workforce in January 2020. An incredible achievement that was hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world continues returning to normal, we hope to see women achieve history—for the third time.

As a woman-owned construction company in West Michigan, Freedom Construction and Consulting impacts not just local businesses, but companies across the trades, everywhere. To learn more about our construction and consulting services, connect with us today!

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